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In February 2015 I decided to ask for some support in trying to expand what I can help bring to the RPG community through the Frugal GM blog and the various RPG items I'm able to produce. Since the overwhelming majority of the stuff I create is intended to be free, getting the necessary resources to "up my game" becomes more and more difficult for me to do.

I have been quite blessed that my Patreon campaign took less than a week to reach my 1st two funding goals and I wanted to create a permanent page here on the blog to acknowledge those who have really pitched in to help make this possible. These are folks that have not only pledged monetarily, but also with direct moral support and hopefully a little creative input as well.

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Inkwell Ideas
Allan Bray
Florian Hübner
Matt Jackson
Ryan Langrill
Jon Mayo
Scott Philip McClellan
John Thomasovich
Tony A. Thompson
Martin Blake
David Brandt

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