My New Favorite Source for Picture Frames: Frame Destination


My New Favorite Source for Picture Frames: Frame Destination
OK guys, this week's GM Resource is probably going to rub my older/regular/12 13 readers the wrong way because I'm going to promote something that is so not cheap: picture framing.

Now if you're like me at all, and I'll argue in this one instance you're closer than you're farther away.....you like RPG Art. Maybe you managed to plop down $5K for an original Jeff Easley (saw this at this year's NTRPG) or you lucked out at a $100 Artist Proof Jeff Easley (I think it was $100), OR, and much more my speed, you bought got a cool original Jason Braun painting for $50. Heck, I got some cool stuff for $10 & $20 too.

Now I'm not going to talk about the value or art one way or another except to say it's only worth what you value it at, unless you sell it, which then it's only worth whatever price you get for it.

The thing is collecting RPG art doesn't have to be expensive, but properly framing said art for display? That is almost always an expensive endeavor. Take that poster to your local frame shop and it'll be cheap if you come out $100 poorer. That's for one piece. Odds are if it's a poster-sized print that'll be closer to two Benjamins.....

......I'm not even exaggerating here. Properly matting and framing art gets expensive quick.

Over the last nine months or so I've been finally matting and framing the various prints I've collected over the last couple of decades. No, I am not rich.

I've saved a ton of cash by purchasing a matt cutter, buying glass & plexiglass from the home store to cut myself. Matt board by itself is relatively cheap. Glass & plexiglass is also relatively cheap (though if you have a really valuable piece you might want specialty glass)......but frames? Not so much.

Now I've tried to make my own wooden frames a couple of times and I have yet to be happy with the results. After a few attempts I've just decided that I'd rather have black metal frames.......which obviously I cannot make.

Fortunately for me I found a cheap place that did cut-to-order frame pieces, called chops, for a great price. Unfortunately they recently closed business after 49 years....UGH.

Home Framed By Me, relatively cheap
After my last convention I didn't want to just toss my new artwork onto the pile of needing-to-be-frame prints, so I had to search for a new frame vendor. I found exactly what I was looking for in Frame Destination. Now they weren't as inexpensive as my previous vendor (but with the recent inflation I doubt if they were still in business they'd be cheaper), but they still had great prices, quick shipping, and I am actually happier product-wise, with the chops from Frame Destination. I was able to get an 8x10, a couple 11x14, a 11x17, and a 16x20 frame (in parts), with accompanying hanging hardware for $105 with shipping! I'm not certain I could find cheap plastic frames at the local hobby store for this price.

Now I didn't get glass, matt, or even backing boards since I had all of that already, but it would have been super easy to pick that up as well. Nothing special there....BUT if I needed specialty glass, it would have been an easy click away. 

Lastly, and this is a HUGE deal for me and likely not for you, these guys are in the Dallas area. Now I have some rather larger posters I still need to have framed. Large enough that getting the glass custom cut would be a PITA. Large enough that shipping would require an over-sized charge....but Frame Destination offers local pickup!

Now I realize that this resource isn't free, and far from cheap, but it is Frugal.

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