Free GM Resource: OSR PC Sheets over at En World

Free GM Resource: OSR PC Sheets over at En World
This week's Free GM Resource is a collection of OSR PC Sheets from (hosted by) En World.

I've featured PC sheets before...a couple of times actually:
      Hand-Drawn OSR Sheets
      Mad Irishman's Sheets
      Some Sheet I Made (link to the DTRPG site)

There is a post about my HackMaster Sheet, but the post is specifically about a paid version, so I linked the free/PWYW version.

I still see some awesome sheets here and there, but they are almost always one-offs, which is why I'm linking to this collection over at En World.


Free GM Resource: Game Music Radio

Free GM Resource: Game Music Radio
This week's Free GM Resource isn't for everybody.....but I could say that for just about anything I post here.

Game Music Radio (or more appropriately Video Game Music Radio) is an interesting web-based music player featuring video game music.

The player is skinnable.....the Metal Gear skin is what I used for the graphic to the left, and the whole thing works a little different than a lot of web-based streaming sites. The site also uses a 100 song playlist to reduce song fatigue. Also there are no commercial and limited station identification breaks.

Again, not for everybody, but I could see Game Music Radio working for some table-top RPGs and maybe even to play as a replacement for some of my own video game sessions.


Free GM Resource: 2nd Edition AD&D Character Generator

Free GM Resource: 2nd Edition AD&D Character Generator
Here's a pretty cool Excel-based 2nd Edition (AD&D) Character Generator, courtesy of the Reddit  r/Dnd forum. This Chargen works with LibreOffice but the real selling point is that it incorporates far more resources than you'd normally see from this sort of thing.

In addition to the PHB and DMG, this Chargen includes info from (maybe all?) the Complete series of 2nd Edition books and the Player's Options Skills & Powers book.

The current release is version 4.1 and can be located here.


No Free GM Reference This Week....Yet

No Free GM Reference This Week....Yet
I know my...."participation" here as the Frugal GM has been a bit more sporadic than I have anticipated. Between training up at the new job and more stupid health problems (mostly stupid things like an emergency root canal and fallout from that....like pain meds) too much has been up in the air and I was really hoping that this week's Free GM Resource would be the beginning of a great restart.....because it was an awesome resource...

.....a too good to be true resource....

...which it is, or so I think it is. I found a link to an interesting collection of old RPG material and when I was doing the pre-requisite poking around I found what most definitely WAS NOT new material, stuff I had just paid for a month ago and even more stuff I know is still for sale and should be for sale instead of some type of of huge info dump.

So I cannot in good faith recommend a site that is sharing stuff for free that shouldn't be free.....so I'll have to find something else later in the week to share.


Free GM Resource: Landvaettr's Lair

Free GM Resource: Landvaettr's Lair
I was doing my normal thing, link-hopping, checking out YouTube and I came across another YouTube channel that I think is worth mentioning.

Landvaettr's Lair "only" has seventeen crafting videos, but they are good videos and the end results? Awesome!

To be fair it looks like those end results entail a lot of work, but with those kinds of results, I'd be willing to put in the work.....and hopefully will.

Here are the title screens for four of the videos.....see for yourself if this level of quality is worth checking out (the pics are :

Tutorial 001 Castle Hoarding

Tutorial 002 Castle Set

Tutorial 005 Shop Fronts

Tutorial 011 Bone Piles


Free GM Resource: GM Friend

Free GM Resource: GM Friend
This week's Free GM Resource is a simple online hex-mapping tool called GM Friend.

It isn't a huge, feature-rich hex map maker, but it is quick and easy enough to use. I particularly like the random map maker. Truth be told this is a bit of a twofer because there is also a dungeon maker, but it's more of a note manager for a dungeon map.....truth be told I barely checked it out because I was playing with the map maker.

GM Friend is worth checking out.....especially if your do hex crawls.


Free GM Resource: Wizardawn

Free GM Resource: Wizardawn
This week's Free GM Resource is something I almost decided to save until Christmas time, but then I remembered Fall just started, so screw making folks wait a few months.

Wizardawn is a pretty cool site from the folks over at & Magazine and it features a metric crap-ton of freebies spread out all over the place.

I could waste many paragraphs highlighting the available resources, but really you should just head over, bookmark it, and check it out for yourself. Seriously....go check Wizardawn out now!


Free GM Resource: VGMaps

Free GM Resource: VGMaps
I like it when I find a Free GM Resource that is a little off of the beaten path, like this little gem.

VGMAPS.com is essentially a collection of screen shot maps of various games. On a cursory glance there doesn't seem to be a lot of value in these maps, but if you squint your eyes and tilt your head just right you might see what I see.

Depending on the game you choose you might have the makings of a simple map layout for an adventure. I think that's a bit of a long shot, but I have used game maps before to good effect.

This time around I was thinking more along the lines of taking a decent map for use with a Virtual Table Top (VTT) game. The usual thing to do is to simply show a top-down view, but with some of these maps you could go isometric or even just a side view. One quick example I grabbed was from a Castlevania. Tweak a bit in Photoshop and there you go, one side-view castle map. This pic is a down scaled/sampled view:

You might want to poke around VGMAPS.com and see if anything piques your interest...