Free GM Resource: DesktopHero 3D

Free GM Resource: DesktopHero 3D
I'm still recovering from a bout of sickness last week, but I wanted to make sure I got a Free GM Resource posted this week.

For your gaming goodness this week I have a rather interesting model generator....for 3D printing called DesktopHero.

From the application's "about" page: "DesktopHero is an open-source, open-library character maker for 3D printing! It began as a Kickstarter in mid 2016, then became a real thing over the course of the next year and a half. The webapp was released to the public in January 2018."

The webapp is .....interesting. I've seen some minor glitches and oddities here & there and while it might seem a bit odd, there are a lot of options and you probably need to invest some time to get good while playing around with the application. Luckily there are some examples of what other people have done and it might be easier to start with one of those.

It is easy to export a character/mini that you have created (or is a work in progress) and you might be a bit confused when the app downloads a .dhc file. That isn't a 3d printing file, but just a file type for this application. You have to use the other download icon to save the creation as a STL file for 3d printing.

If you have a 3d printer you should check out DesktopHero3d.


Thinking About GaryCon....

Thinking About GaryCon....
Today....well technically yesterday as I'm posting this at 1 AM, was the 10th Anniversary of Gary Gygax's passing. I'm disappointed that I never got to meet the man, especially since his life's work has had such an impact on my life.

It's no secret that HackMaster is my game of choice and back in 2008 HackMaster was on it's "4th Edition." It was actually the 1st edition, but it was the spiritual successor to AD&D when the official 3rd Edition came out (and quickly followed by 3.5). HackMaster was a fictional game in the Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) comic strip.

HackMaster owes it's existence to WotC deciding to publish/create the Dragon Magazine archive on PDF. In short, they didn't have the rights to republish the one-page Knights of the Dinner Table strips and KoDT had recently become part of KenzerCo. I won't get more into the minutia, but basically KenzerCo go the rights to AD&D from WotC/Hasbro. They probably thought something along the lines of "Since we're making 3rd Edition nobody will want to play with the old rules and these guys will burn out in a year, so no big loss." I contend this makes HackMaster the 1st OSR game (outside of AD&D, duh) and HackMaster is basically 50% 1st Edition, 25% 2nd Edition, and 25% Home Rules from the KenzerCo D-Team.

Anyway....back to March, 2008. I was in the process of inviting friends from across the country to play here in Boise when we got word about Gary Gygax's passing. The gaming weekend was re-dubbed GaryCon Boise and we had players from Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Little did we know that there would be a "real" GaryCon, which is celebrating it's 10th year next weekend in Lake Geneva, WI. I've only been once and I do plan on attending in the future, assuming I have the resources to do so.

This was the graphic for a refrigerator magnet I made for GaryCon Boise. I made enough for all attendees and a few extra to give to friends who couldn't attend. I still have one or two floating about.....


Happy GM's Day From Fat Dragon Games!

Happy GM's Day From Fat Dragon Games!
Normally I'd probably save this for a Free GM Resource, and maybe I'll call it good for tomorrow's post......

Today is "GM's Day" and the 13th Anniversary of Fat Dragon Games (FDG) being in business. To celebrate the occasion FDG is having a large sale on quite a few of their items over at DriveThruRPG.

If that wasn't enough, they are also giving away another mini set of files for FREE if you sign up for their newsletter. I'm sorry.....did I say "another mini set"? I mean there is a freebies mini set (FDG0216 Dragonlock Ultimate: Wide Wall Set), but they've also posted a link to all of the previous freebies from the monthly newsletter.

Seriously....sign up for the newsletter. There are 12 previous newsletter' freebies since the 1st one in March of 2017.

Fat Dragon games 13th Anniversary


Far Away Land RPG Kickstarter is now Live!

Far Away Land RPG Kickstarter is now Live!
I just now found out that there is a new Far Away Land Kickstarter.

Actually there have been a couple past Kickstarters that I didn't know about, which is probably good for my wallet, but I totally missed out on one I would have snatched up...

...oh well, I'll just have to buy it when it becomes available.

I'll fully admit I have yet to get into a FAL game yet, but the last con I attended was in 2016 and I don't currently have a home group (yet).

If this interests you at all, you should check it out. My gut tells me that the price for what I want is kind of hefty, BUT I have enjoyed absolutely everything I've picked up fro FAL to date. More than likely I'll go for the whole paperbook pack even though I really want the premium color hardback edition. Since I want to actually get a chance to use the books, instead of them being pretty spines on my shelf, I think the paperbacks with PDFs will be a better fit...

Free GM Resource: Dragondex (Dragon Magazine Index)

Free GM Resource: Dragondex (Dragon Magazine Index)
I know a lot of us gamer types tend to collect RPG books, magazines, and well....stuff. One of the crown jewels of my collection is the Dragon Magazine Archive. Two hundred & Fifty Dragon magazines in PDF form.

Now many of might have the PDFs because they've been pirated, shared, and otherwise "out there" for some time. A few years back I was able to pick up the actual physical product for my collection*.

This week's Free GM Resource is an invaluable tool for those of us who have the Archive: Dragondex. The Dragondex covers a lot more than the 1st 250 issues, actually up to issue 359 as well as some extra materials. With this site (personally I just downloaded the individual web pages so I could not be using up the creator's bandwidth more than necessary) a Dragon reader could figure out where a specific article was located.

If you have any amount of Dragon magazines in your collection you need to check out Dragondex.
Seriously.....check it out.

*My favorite RPG, HackMaster (well at least the original OSR "4th Edition") was borne from the boondoggle that was the Dragon Magazine Archive and part of the reason you probably have to settle for bootleg/pirated copies of this product because they (WotC/Ha$bro) didn't have the rights to reprint/republish some of the material in Dragon, like some of the Knights of the Dinner Table strips. This is why I wanted a physical copy so bad....and found one.


Free GM Resource: Questing Beast YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: Questing Beast YouTube Channel
This week's Free GM Resource is another YouTube channel. These days it seems like I watch more YouTube than I do Netflix, probably because I can learn more from watching one than I do the other.

One thing I'd like to do is get better at drawing maps. That's where Questing Beast comes in, particularly the Fantasy Map Making Tutorials for DnD section.

Now I don't want to copy this exact style, but then again if I was good at copying then I would probably have the skills to draw what I want in the 1st place. Kind of interesting how that works out...


Free GM Resource: Drinking Quest Side Quest Saloon of Horrors

Free GM Resource: Drinking Quest Side Quest Saloon of Horrors
Today's Free GM Resource is a "side quest" for a game I don't own....yet. Drinking Quest has been on my radar as part of my "wish list" for couple of years now.

Saloon of Horrors is a "parody dungeon" for Drinking Quest that actually has the blessing of DQ's creator, at least according to the Side Quest's creator.

One aspect I just love about our hobby is that a lot of folks, especially in the OSR movement (yes, I get that DQ isn't an OSR game), is that we take our love of a cherished game and channel it into creating stuff not only for that cherished game, but for other's to enjoy as well.

While I could just link to the Saloon of Horrors depository, the links here go to the creator's blog post on The Savage AfterWorld. Feel free to go over there, download and play the game, and leave some encouraging feedback. As of the timing of this post there aren't any comments and I can speak from experience knowing that someone else is sharing the love of a certain game really helps out.....


Just a Quick Admin Note

Just a Quick Admin Note
Just a quick admin note that I've gone ahead and edited the site to remove page "ads" for Patreon as well as the Patreon page where I listed my Patrons.

I have NOT deleted my actual Patreon campaign...yet, and I might not do so since Patreon was hosting some of the free map files, and all of the Patron maps I've made so far.

I'm still up in the air on what to do, but for now it is far easier to keep the inactive Patreon Campaign up so access to those files is not lost.

I will most likely migrate everything over to DTRPG and then start the laborious task of editing all of those Frugal GM posts to include the new links. Seeing as there are at least 73 maps......this could take a while.