Free GM Resource: Random Maps from Uncharted Atlas

Free GM Resource: Random Maps from Uncharted Atlas
Early last week my buddy Topher Kersting gave me a head's up about a cool Twitter feed by the name Uncharted Atlas.

Of course at first I was like, "Who still uses Twitter?", but I checked it out and this feed pretty much does nothing but upload pictures of randomly generated maps.

 The creator does have a website where he explains all the bits and bobs about the random generator in case that interests you. It's a bit much for me, but that could just be because it is a rainy Monday morning.


Free GM Resource: Play By Email Dice Roller

Free GM Resource: Play By Email Dice Roller
Right off I have to admit I'm a bit of a dice snob. I'm all about precision dice and my favorites are from Gamescience and Easy Roller Dice Company is a close second.

The thing is that lately I've been playing in online games where the GM prefers we all use the Roll20 dice roller. This is great when everybody is online, but when you need online dice when "offline" from the group?

Enter the Play By Email Dice Roller. Yesterday I went to finish rolling up a backup PC and wanted a way to roll online without spamming the group chat. Using this dice roller you can have up to five "rolls" (can be multiple dice in each roll) which can be shared with up to five email addresses and......and there is a built-in verification system. The results can be emailed, displayed on the screen, or both. I only saw two minor issues with the dice roller, and one was due to the system I was playing. You see the results, not the roll itself, so 3d4+1 would get you a result ranging from 4 to 13. If you needed to see the results of each d4 you'd just have to tweak the roll a bit.

The other minor issue was just me being stupid and selecting "display" instead of "both".


Free GM Resource: NWMap

Free GM Resource: NWMap
A little late, but still a Monday post for a Free GM Resource.

NWMap is an interesting, if not simple mapping program for windows. "NWMap is a free, powerful, tile-based mapping utility designed to help you plan modules for Neverwinter Nights (and you may find it useful as a general RPG mapper as well). The author, Jason Harris, has released the program into the public doamin. NWMap uses context-sensitive drawing algorithms that make mapping complicated areas fast, easy and fun."

I downloaded the zip file and simply extracted the contents. No install files or loading, quick and easy. Not a lot of features, but it was real easy to make a simple enough map, faster than most every other app/program I have. Unfortunately the help files online are long gone, but there is enough info in the FAQ (I think) to have a go at making your own tiles.


Kickstarter for an Adventure and Campaign Setting (With Content Reviewed Here Last Month)

Kickstarter for an Adventure and Campaign Setting (With Content Reviewed Here Last Month)
I rarely use my forum here to shill for Kickstarters unless I have some personal connection and think they are a good deal. As these things go more and more publishers are turning to Kickstarter and I'm asked to make a mention a few more times than I'm comfortable doing.

Normally I'd pass on a more recent request from A Hole in the Ground Terrain & Games, but I did review one of their products about a month ago (Inn of the Buxom Wench). These guys aren't asking for a lot and if you play 5th Edition I'm thinking it might be a good deal.

The Halls of Runehammer seems like a pretty straight-forward Kickstarter and with only two donation levels ($5 & $10), it looks like you could get a decent amount of content for a good price. Heck, they are already 1/2 way towards their goal and it looks like most are going with the $10 buy-in.


Free GM Resource: 3d Printer "Stuff"

Free GM Resource: 3d Printer "Stuff"
This week's Free GM Resource is a twofer and a real-recent re-hash...definitely NOT a threefer.

In February I offered up the newsletter from Fat Dragon Games. This week I'd like to add a newsletter from Hobgoblin 3D and a newsletter from Printable Scenery.

I know the idea of 3D printing might not seem to fit in with being "frugal", but for me it has always been about getting a good value for your money and not just trying to save a buck or two. With the prices of 3D printers coming down and the availability of great 3D models going up...I think the time is coming.

So far I've received newsletters from Fat Dragon Games and Hobgoblin 3D, but nothing from Printable Scenery yet. The newsletters I've gotten so far have had freebie 3D files and even a good tip or two with regards to getting the most out of your prints.

I hope to get my 3D printer up and running soon so I can take advantage of what this new technology has to offer.


Another Free/PWYW d30 Table is up, and it's no April Fools Joke!

Another Free/PWYW d30 Table is up, and it's no April Fools Joke!
I know...two tables in two days?! I'm almost on a roll.

As I figure it I'm, still two tables behind, so I either need to catch up or adjust my schedule. Which path I end up taking depends on how well I can migrate ideas to paper....

 his d30 generator helps create mild magical poisons called Gut Busters that are used as part of a hazing/initiation ritual in certain drinking establishments.

Gut Busters were a bit of a HackMaster 4th Edition throw-away that really only applied to drinking establishments that applied to
one race (Gnome Titans). I took the idea and made it a fixture of my home campaign largely because I've seen real-world examples of noxious party drinks people had to consume. A good example is the "Grog Bowl" at certain military Dining Outs (different services would have different names for the drink and the event).

A little bit of light fun for April Fool's Day 2017 and a little love for the venerable d30.

As usual, click on either graphic to go to the download page, or use this link.


New Free/PWYW d30 Table is now Available!

New Free/PWYW d30 Table is now Available!
I know it has been a while since I've posted a new d30 table and it is something I'm working on....

I did finally finish this d30 Coinage Generator that was just a seed of an idea a couple months ago. For this one I actually did some research that ended up with me fiddle-farting around trying to make some ideas work out right.

This generator assumes a standard size and shape for the main/base coin and the 1st table generates the coin's alloy and Standard Value (SV), where a SV of 1.00 is equal to one gold piece (gp). Additional tables create denominations and may even alter the base coin. They include modifiers to the SV for any changes or denominations made.

One thing I personally find amusing is that this table doesn't actually duplicate results/tables from another d30 Coin Generator from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited, which I already have and didn't actually consult when planning this out. To me that was just a happy coincidence, but for you, dear reader, you might want to click on that link above because those tables work well with this generator.

Like usual, you can click on either graphic to do to the appropriate DTRPG page, or you can use this link.


A Re-Visited Free GM Resource: Dyson's Dodecahedron

A Re-Visited Free GM Resource: Dyson's Dodecahedron
It's been a good three-and-a-half years since Dyson's Dodecahedron was 1st featured as a Free GM Resource.

A lot has happened with Dyson over the last 30 months....a....lot.

Probably the biggest "thing" for Dyson is his Patreon Campaign where he's in the top tier of earners for his work, enough that he's pretty much a full-time cartographer now. Good for him, and also good for us.

Unless you've been living under a rock you should know that Dyson's Dodecahedron is an awesome place for RPG maps, but....and this is the reason for the re-visit, Dyson has made a larger number of his maps free for commercial use.

It's kind of a big deal, and you should go specifically check out these maps....maybe his Patreon Campaign as well.