Frugal GM Contest: Alea Tools Markers

This summer I managed to purchase a bunch of Alea Tools markers, to replace my first generation Alea Tools markers.  I was fortunate to be at the first game convention where Alea Tools debuted their product and I quickly saw just how awesome these things could be for any game.

I've used them in stead of miniatures, to mark miniature status (wounded, dead, flying, etc.), to denote factions or to simply keep similar monsters separate ("Which kobold are you attacking again?").  When I'm travelling, like to a con that I have to fly to, I'll use flat paper minis based on some lightweight magnetic sheeting.  Alea Tools markers let me use those minis at the table because they have no heft and would be difficult to grab otherwise.

Alea Tools markers in use during a quick skirmish
Some marking discs in action
These markers are colored 1" plastic discs that can be written on in wet or dry erase markers.  Inside each disc is a powerful magnet that lets them stick to each other and to appropriately based minis.  The only issue I every had with these discs was that sometimes the magnets inside were too powerful and if you had a bunch of them on a battle-mat they wouldn't stay inside of the 1" squares.

Now it isn't like they go flying across the battlemat, but it was a bit more of an annoyance to me and when the folks at Alea Tools offered me a discount towards replacement discs I took them up on it.  Now I have more markers than I need, which is why I'm offering you a chance to win them.  Now there I'm going to need a little quid-pro-quo here.  I know that I have folks who check out this site, but I'd like to know who you all are.  I also wouldn't mind some help spreading the word about the Frugal GM and one of these days my well of new material is going to be lower than I'd like.

Here is what I'm going to do: you help me, and you'll get a chance to win my old set of markers.  There are going to be three ways of doing this:

Become a Frugal GM Follower
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  1. Become a Frugal GM follower
  2. Put a link to the Frugal GM (with or without my button) and shoot me an email so I can see it.
  3. Send me an email with a Frugal GM tip....a new Frugal GM tip.
Each option undertaken will grant you one chance to win my my old Alea Tools marker set, which consists of (assuming I got my count right) 81 markers.  This is easily worth more than $50.  I'll pay for shipping anywhere in the continental US.  If you are overseas and want to participate, I'll cover the first $10 of shipping, but you'd need to get the remainder.

This contest will end on October 15th, 2012 at 0900 Mountain Standard Time.

Contest Recap:
Three ways to enter-
  1. Following the Frugal GM.com using Google Friend Connect
  2. Adding a link to Frugal GM.com to your site and sending me an email for verification purposes.
  3. Sending me an email with a new Frugal GM tip to share
Maximum of three entries per person
Contest ends 9 AM my time on October 15th, 2012
Winner will be determined at random
Shipping outside of the continental US will be the winner's responsibility, less $10
The Frugal GM retains the right to alter any aspect of this contest as desired*

The Alea Tools markers to be given away

*A technicality....I'm only planning on adding some second and third place prizes at this time.


  1. I love the Alea Tools markers--but since I already have a ton of them, I won't enter your contest, to give someone else a chance.

  2. Go ahead and enter....please be the first to do so. If you win you can always ask to have the lot be re-drawn or donate it to someone else.

  3. Finally got the follow thing to work, posted a link on Twitter as I can't add anything to my site right now.

    My tips:
    To have cheaper lamination, use clear contact paper or if it's a single sheet, use the plastic report sleeves - dry erase markers work great on them.

  4. That is a good suggestion. I've used clear contact paper in the past for quite a few things. Heck, I might use that suggestion tomorrow!

    1. I just realized I was supposed to email it. It's been a long few days.