Frugal GM Quick Craft Tip: Working With "White Glue"

Frugal GM Quick Craft Tip: Working With "White Glue"
In my project box I have a variety of glues: hot/cold glue guns & sticks, decoupage, epoxies (various working times), superglue, paper glue sticks, and even some fancy clear "paper" glue that sets up fast-great for paper models.

I'm a big proponent of using the right tool for the job and one of the most useful glues I have is plain old "white glue".  You can water it down to get it to flow better, and to prevent it from forming a skin too quickly, which helps with flocking.

The thing I like best about "white glue", the thing that puts it above many other glues at times is that it doesn't have to be white. Simply color it with a few drops of acrylic paint and the glue can blend into the background.


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