Free GM Resource: Syrinscape

Free GM Resource: Syrinscape
This week's Free GM Resource won't be for everyone, but for a few it might be just what they are looking for.

Syrinscape is a pre-arranged soundboard of RPG music and sound effects. You can download the program for free and it comes with two Soundsets: Bugbear Battle and Witchwood. You can purchase more Soundsets for $4 a piece or the whole current lot for $20.

Now I have some minor quibbles about this particular product, namely that the website mentions that "Unlike other soundboard-style apps, Syrinscape uses editable and adaptable libraries of sound files". These files are editable or adaptable only in the sense that you can turn them on and off or change the volume, but this is for a one-time use only. The program doesn't remember any changes you made and you cannot save your settings in any way.

Syrinscape in action
For me this is a deal-breaker, and I'd rather use a program like Softrope, but I know there are a lot of
GMs who really want something simple and would like to incorporate sound-effects into their game. Syrinscape is definitely simple to use and when the Android & iOS versions come out I think it'll add a lot to some GM's game.

Right now there are two free Soundsets to play with and by toggling on and off the various effects I think you can get a lot of good free usage from Syrinscape while you evaluate it.


  1. Hi! Thanks for writing about Syrinscape! I'm sooo glad you like it! :-)

    To address your quibbles... Yes you're right the Free Player version doesn't give you much control over they sounds at all... but...

    Just wait till the editor we are working on comes out! Then you'll have complete control over every aspect of every sound... and you'll be able to build/edit your own sets, based on material you have bought or material you import yourself! It's going to be awesome!


    1. Editable, savable, and runs on Android or iOS...that would be awesome. I could see running this off of an iPad and a bluetooth speaker.

  2. We are feverishly clicking this all into being RIGHT NOW!! :-)

    iPad and Android Tablets will be first... then the editor will follow closely after!

  3. Hi. Just thoughts I'd drop by and let you know, you CAN now save your settings. So you can mix each SoundSet just as you like it and then save your own MOOD for later use.

  4. BTW You can even mix together elements from different SoundSets you own. So you can add a bit of Storm to your Dragon Battle if you like.