Free GM Resource: Star Frontiers

Free GM Resource: Star Frontiers
This week's Free GM Resource is another whole game.....and then some. Thanks to one Timoth Norris (AKA  Zane M. Cole), Star Frontiers is available online. Usually when things like this become available you get some free rules and maybe....maybe an adventure or two. Star Frontiers (.com) has a ton of free goodies to include:
          Rules (pretty much all of them)
          Character/Starship Sheets

I really don't know a lot of folks that have played Star Frontiers back when it came out in the early 80's. I got to play this game somewhat by accident. I really wanted to get my own copy of AD&D, but the closest I could do is play a bit with my uncle when we visited (which thankfully was often). At the time my family were members of a Mennonite church and every year before Christmas the preacher would announce a long list of "unsuitable" and "violent" toys that parishioners should not purchase for their children. Dungeons & Dragons was high up on that list......

.....but Star Frontiers was not on the list.

While I didn't get my AD&D, I did get this weird Sci-Fi game that came with two d10's and a couple of crayons. I lived in a very small rural town in Iowa that made getting together to play nearly impossible, but my 8th grade study hall teacher did let me start up a game during first period. That game only made it a week or two, but only because it proved to be too popular. Too many students would rather watch my group play than do their busywork.

Star Frontiers Endless QuestSomeday I hope to be able to run me some Star Frontiers as an alternative system for my group...or maybe a one-off or two at a convention.

Now if you aren't all too interested in playing Star Frontiers as an RPG, you might still be interested in Quest adventures, which are basically the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (called Endless Quest™) books converted into HTML.
trying out the

Not a bad way to spend a few hours...assuming your character can live that long.


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