Free Map 003

Free Map 003
This week's free map isn't too new for folks who have read up on some of my other blogs, namely my infrequent campaign blog. I originally made this map a couple of years ago, intending to introduce it as a new locale to my players, but that never happened. It sat, unused, on a virtual shelf until I picked up the dice for a new side-campaign for the group I'm normally a player in.

My Map of Badger FallsThis map was was created using an old 1600s English village map as the base. I opened up the image in Photoshop and removed everything except for the roads and the river. Next I printed the nearly empty map out and hand drew some borders. My work was scanned back into the computer, merged with the original file, and then I went to town, adding the woods, the communal garden-plots, and the village green (being harvested for hay). Coloring the roads and river was easy, but adding in all the houses was a bit of a pain. I wish I could find my source file, but I basically found some basic house shapes I liked and
tried to copy them freehand. I scanned them and manipulated them in Photoshop as well. They don't look nearly as good as my source inspiration, which is why I wish I could cite it.

You can, as always, just click on the picture for a 72dpi version of this map, or you can download the high-res version here.

I'm busy working on a new map type (for me), but I haven't managed much past a rough sketch, if there is a certain type of map you are looking for, I'm open to suggestions.....
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