Just A Head's Up on Maybe Saving a Few Bucks

Just A Head's Up on Maybe Saving a Few Bucks
I was checking out DriveThruRPG for something and happened to go into my wishlist. The reason is lost to me, but the important thing is that there is a special GM's day promotion going on until the Ides of March.

Everything that is part of the promotion is supposed to be 1/3rd off, but if you hunt around a bit, or in my case just scanned through my extensive wishlist, you might find some things at an even deeper discount. There were a couple of items, mostly digital maps and some tokens that I found at 2/3 off!

Just a small plug for DriveThruRPG and judicious use of their wishlist feature. It really helps to squirrel things away there to look at later. From a publisher side of things I know your could (I assume they still can) reach out to folks who had your products wish-listed and send them a discount code to help convert them from shoppers to buyers.

Game Master's Sale at Drive Thru RPG

...and for you "purists" out there notice it is GM's Day, not DM's Day! ;)


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