Free Map 026: 3rd and "Final" Underground River

Free map 026: 3rd and "Final" Underground River
I've been sick pretty much since I posted last week's map, but there is a spot of light on the horizon thanks to a doctor's visit and some scripts. Today is the first day in almost a week I haven't woken up with a fever and I thought I was "good to go"....right up until my first normal adult interaction outside of the house.

I don't know if is the drugs or just being sick, but it seems like I'm not firing on all cylinders. While up in my own head everything seems fine, when I'm faced with simple situations I'm slow on the uptake and it seems like I'm only getting about 80% of what is going on.

"Gee Chris, sucks to be you....but why do we care, just give us the damned map already!"

Like normal you can click on the lead-in graphic or use this link for the free map. The whole bit about me coming off being sick is that it occurred to me that what I'm feeling/experiencing right now is totally how a curse effect that knocks off a few points of INT would feel like, with the noted exception that the person under the curse just wouldn't care and would just learn to deal with it. Maybe this is just my pathetic attempt to attach a little fantasy into my reality, but it seemed interesting to me.....

Free map 026: 3rd and "Final" Underground River
....of course I have pretty-much self-identified as being somewhat dumber today so it could just be another symptom.

This map didn't take as long as the others to put together, but at the same time I didn't quite follow the "normal" routine. I think I need to play around with some effects to create more/better variations in the water color, but I haven't quite figured out how I want to accomplish that. Invariably I'll either get someone to show me a super-simple method or it'll come to me while trying to figure something else out.

I don't know what I want to try my hand at next.....I am open to suggestions.


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