Dagnabit...I Fumbled Again!

Dagnabit...I Fumbled Again!
Here we are, just a scant few days before Origins and my trusty laptop decides to try and die on me. I've got it going again and basically had to do a fresh install of everything...after backing up my files.

Everything seemed to be ok, I was only missing some emails and passwords I had stored in Outlook, but when I went to restore my RPG directory the overwhelming majority of my files weren't on my backup drive!

Oh crap!

Evidently my backup of pretty much all of my paper models and all of my digital tokens are gone, as were gigs of PDF files. My backup's backup has most of the files, and some of the missing files I can either transfer from the physical medium I have or DriveThruRPG. The biggest thing I'll be missing is a plethora of digital tokens I've collected over the years. Somehow they didn't get saved to either backup.

I think this will be a good week for vacation....starting last Friday. I have posts lined up already starting this Friday. I'll be spending my free time trying to recover and reorganize my RPG files....and doing multiple backups.


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