Free Map 033: Hedgerow Countryside

Free Map 033: Hedgerow Countryside
This week's free map has been quite the PITA for me to put together, mostly because I set my sights much higher than normal. I've been wanting to donate a map to Matt Jackson's Maps for Heroes Campaign and I couldn't just through up a "normal" map. No....this map I had to make 100% from scratch....no borrowing texture graphics.

Last week I caught a glimpse of a 1:10,000 map of the French countryside and I was amazed at the sheer number of hedgerows. Now when I think of hedgerows I immediately think of the kind the neighbors would have, which is so wrong. I looked up some pictures online and if my neighbor's hedge's are "normal" then these were Dire Hedgerows. Some bridged creeks and other had fricken tunnels through them!

I had to make me a hedgerow map. I think I've spent at least 20 hours on this map, with large sections having been re-done multiple times until I got the look I wanted:
Really small version of the hedgerow map

Now I realize there might not be a lot of contrast between the trees and the grassland, but if you were at this altitude there wouldn't be that much contrast anyway....and I wanted to highlight the hedgerows.

Anyway there are two versions of this large (21" x 16" ) map. The low-res VTT version, which is 100 DPI, can be obtained by clicking on the lead-in graphic, or this link. The high res....well, you'll have to go visit Matt's site, preferably after donating to the Wounded Warrior Project. Since I'm posting this before emailing him the link, you might have to wait a few.....and be warned it is 28 MB+ in size.


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