Free Map 036: Mountain Valley

Free Map 036: Mountain Valley
The map I've been working on this week was an attempt to use some  bits and pieces of things I've been learning with other maps and try to piece it all together on a map pretty much from scratch.

This is the "actual" location from last week's treasure map.

I'm not enthusiastic about how it came out, but on the plus side with some additional tweaking I think the B&W version for the Tweak & Toss I'm working on came out a lot better.

The idea on this map is that you are trying to find a particular clearing in a particular valley. In this area the treeline is right about 9500 feet and I tried to stunt the trees at the treeline. I made a few errors with said trees and while I did a decent job cleaning things up, they came out way too bright for my taste. Since my desired end product was going to be B&W, with the color more for this blog, I decided I didn't want to have to redo all the trees again, especially since this was set for a heavily forested area.

The valley is about 6 miles across and is ringed with seven peaks. All but one peak extend above the treeline and are usually covered in snow.

Seven Sisters Mountain Valley in Color

I tweaked my transparency for the trees as well as the B&W conversion and I think the second map came out better,

Seven Sisters Mountain Valley in Black & White

I'm only putting up the color version this week. You can get it by clicking on the lead-in graphic or by using this link.


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