Frugal GM Review: Maps For Heroes Fundraiser Campaign

Frugal GM Review: Maps For Heroes Fundraiser Campaign
This week I'm not reviewing any straight-up product per se, but a fundraising effort that I brought to my reader's attention a little over a month ago. In that "head's-up" post I challenged folks to pony up $8 for a series of RPG maps from eight contributors, figuring a buck a map for a good cause was well worthwhile.

As near as I can tell a couple of folks took me up on that challenge and then some. I think that two folks, myself included, "only" donated $8. By my math the minimum donation level (direct through the site that is) was $8, which I think it pretty awesome.

Also awesome is the fact that there were a LOT more than 8 maps. I counted 24 contributions, with some being multiple maps or one map presented several ways. If you stay with me on the math that means the $8 minimum came out to less than 33 ¢ a map! 33 ¢ !!!!!

A preview of most of the maps available with Maps For Heroes

The only thing that isn't straight-up awesome about this fundraising map campaign is that the direct contributions haven't added up to the goal. As of this post we only made 60% of that goal.....Hopefully Matt's direct contribution from his monthly Patreon campaign puts it over the top, but I'd rather not leave it to chance.

Pardon my Military Slang, but Shit-Hot Matt!
The way I figure we still have a bit of time, at least another day or so, to "plus-up" this fundraiser. I'd still recommend a donation of $8 and a download of all these maps. On the "good" size this is a great fundraiser for a great cause and if you want to be all "neutral evil" here a more successful campaign means that it is far more likely that we can have more of these in the future! More maps for just you everyone!


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