Free GM Resource: Paper Friends

Free GM Resource: Paper Friends
As I've mentioned countless times no doubt, I used to be a HUGE fan of paper minis, even though my personal interests have mostly moved on for a wide assortment of reasons.

Good-looking paper minis still pique my interest and I've noticed that paper minis tends towards the fantasy RPG genre, with significant gaps in available minis for other types of games.

Now I'm not sure who is behind the Seven Wonders website (no listing and Whois failed me this morning), but they have a vast array of paper minis for a wide variety of genres. The Super Heroes really jumped out at me, with tons of minis for DC and Marvel heroes and villains.

This site does not attempt to sell any of these figures, nor does it intend to infringe on copyright. I think it bends the concept of "fair use" a bit, but is probably within the lines.


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