Katie's Custom D30 Attack Table

I Bite You
I have my table all set up for tonight's game and my cat (well she has decided I'm her human) jumped up in my chair and put her front paws on the table. My wife joked that Katie would be our GM tonight and that all of our PCs would invariably get bitten.

Katie's favorite game is what we like to call "I Bite You". As you can imagine the rules are pretty simple. I think her mouthiness is why she is such good friends with the dog (a lab mix).

Today I also found my "new" antique D30 (and there was much rejoicing). When it was lost my speculation was that Katie had taken it for a cat toy. It was found safe and sound and I didn't find a single tooth mark on it.

In honor of both finding my die safe and sound and to hail our new kitty overlord GM, I think I have to put forth the following D30 attack table:

Roll     Result
1          I Bite You
2          I Bite You
3          I Bite You
4          I Bite You
5          I Bite You
6          I Bite You
7          I Bite You
8          I Bite You
9          I Bite You
10        I Bite You
11        I Bite You
12        I Bite You
13        I Bite You
14        I Bite You
15        I Bite You
16        I Bite You
17        I Bite You
18        I Bite You
19        I Bite You
20        I Bite You
21        I Bite You
22        I Bite You
23        I Bite You
24        I Bite You
25        I Bite You
26        I Bite You
27        I Bite You
28        I Bite You
29        I Bite You
30        Roll Again & Accept New Results

Seriously, what did you expect? Well, my players just showed so I'm off to game. Have to see if I can get this table some playtesting......


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