Just a Head's Up

Just a Head's Up
Just a head's up that the Frugal GM blog may have a day or two of "downtime" as I transition the web hosting. A year ago I bought web hosting for some Frugal GM projects, but there was an issue trying to use Blogger with the domain and web hosting.

Basically I was buying services I couldn't quite use the way I wanted, which really isn't surprising. If I had bothered to look into it I'd not have bought the hosting. I just jumped on an opportunity for a cheap-assed year of hosting.

I'll just have to chalk it off as a good $12 lesson. Probably a bit on the cheap side as far as RPG-based lessons go.

There might not be any problems, but just in case....well, you've been warned.

January 22nd Edit:
Well the FrugalGM site is finally back on track after being down for 2 1/2 days. Not a good time as my tech support gave me the complete run-around. I was given at least 3 different BS excuses that ranged from "You ISP must just be blocking that IP" to "You don't have 'www' listed in your A records".

You might notice that I've pulled some links off of this site....and now you know why. Service was great when tech support was US based....not so much when out-sourced to India.


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