New Frugal GM PWYW Product: The Massive Mushroom Missive

New Frugal GM PWYW Product: The Massive Mushroom Missive
I've finally finished a new "Tweak & Toss" that is both larger and smaller in scale, compared to my norm.

The Massive Mushroom Missive is more of a seed idea for a campaign that exists to get the party underground, or more likely, further underground.....

The map I made the other week was envisioned as a huge (100ish miles across) cavern with a large central lake. I splashed a bunch of color on it to represent different types/areas of "vegetation", which in the case of this product is a huge forest of giant fungi.

FGM029 The Massive Mushroom Missive
The basic idea is that the party is hired to delve dark & deep to get a specific type of mushroom. I figure just getting to the location is an adventure itself and with such a large cavern I could have easily made this a much larger supplement complete with random encounters, new monsters, etc.

While I could still go that route if I wanted, I figured this would get much more use if I made it simple. There is a new NPC/Monster race I made up as well. There is a bit of a twist to the adventure idea, but I don't want to put in any spoilers......

The Massive Mushroom Missive is available now as a PWYW product on DriverThruRPG.


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