Unexpected Surprise = Mind Blown

Unexpected Surprise = Mind Blown
I usually try to remember to Google myself once a week, which sounds so dirty, but not much I can do about that.....

You'd think it was more of a vanity issue, and maybe it is, but I like to see if anyone is linking to the blog and/or if there are any review on the stuff I'm doing that I haven't seen yet.

This habit has helped me find some cool stuff to share as well, but sometimes I'm a bit taken aback by what I find.....

Today I was out with the Mrs. getting lunch and I did a quick search on my phone when she was..."unavailable" to talk to and I came across this little gem:

#68! Since my lucky number is 67.5 I will take this as an omen

Oh that's nice.....wait, what?!

Today my last effort is #68 on RPGNOW's Top 100 list? I'm a bit surprised.....mostly because since I can see how many have been "sold"....I'm surprised I could even get on this kind of list. I didn't think it was that great an effort, although I did put a little something different in this one.....and I don't know how long this will last, but I'll enjoy it for today.....


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