Free GM Resource: Tunnels and Trolls Random Dungeon Generator

Free GM Resource: Tunnels and Trolls Random Dungeon Generator
I know...two Dungeon Generators in a row for the Free GM Resource.

This Tunnels and Trolls Random Dungeon Generator seems rather simple on the surface and it makes a rather straight-forward procedurally-generated adventure, but it is a HUGE adventure.

I did what I thought would be a quick cut & paste of the generated web page adventure into Microsoft Word and it was 31,000 words long on 93 pages!

That was the default setting of 4 levels for a group of 4 1st level adventurers.

Now I don't play Tunnels and Trolls, but with something like this, which is geared for 4th, 5th, and 7th edition use......I might give it a go. A lot of work went into this for certain.


  1. Ah, in 2021 the T&T generator link goes to the San Francisco Times newspaper. That's some T&T generator! :) This is not the same thing but I see a "Generic Dungeon Generator" for T&T here: https://thetrove.is/Books/Tunnels%20%26%20Trolls%20%28osr%29/Supplemental/TnT%20-%20Tunnels%20%26%20Trolls%20Generic%20Dungeon%20Generator.pdf.

    Original design by Neils Erickson; adapted for Tunnels & Trolls by Aaron Thorne

    1. I think the original domain was sold or expired & picked up. Thanks for the head's up!