Horrific Looking Map-in-Progress

Horrific Looking Map-in-Progress
I thought I'd share this map-in-progress, which may end up being part of a larger project or, just a one-off.

The biggest reason I thought I'd share this is simply because it is hideous at this stage. I try to do each element of the map in layers so I can tweak each bit individually. On this map I actually started with the outline of a city wall borrowed from another source and then made a rough sketch. The city walls, already having been an auto-generated electronic image, comes out nice and smooth compared to my scanned-in chicken scratches.

Just some working colors....
No matter, because that sketch is just a rough outline anyway for the next few layers of colored elements in Photoshop. The colors aren't nearly as important as the width and layout of the lines for the rivers and the roads. I want the roads to be more erratic and the rivers to have some "flow". At this point I still have to go in and play with the river widths some since they are too parallel. The colors are chosen more for contrast as I'm working on the screen. They get changed to more appropriate colors and will have textures added later.

Currently this map is an obscene 40" square.....I'm not sure what size the end result will be.

I just thought some folks would like to see how horrendous a map-in-progress can be.


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