Some New Maps in Progress, Could Use Some Input

Some New Maps in Progress, Could Use Some Input
I am working on some special cavernous Tweak & Toss adventures specifically for publication and I thought I'd solicit some advice from my regular readers.

The publication is B&W and I have the rough dimensions for the art and what I'm trying to do is make everything as publication-ready as possible. This is not just they'll be more likely to use the work, but also because I want more practice trying to work within specific confines. When I'm doing stuff for Frugal GM publication on DTRPG, or for Patreon my only constraints is what my computer can handle.

Obviously I'm working in larger sizes & dpi, but I thought I'd throw up some examples here for input. I already have my preferences, which I'll state at the end, but here are some of the decisions I'm trying to run with. I'm going to put the large pictures after the break so it won't slow things down for folks who don't want to look and give input:

Simple outlines
Walls shaded in
 The big difference here is with our without shading on the walls of the cavern.

Walls shaded in with full-page background fill
Half-finished stippling

The difference here is stippling or "solid" background. Here I haven't finished the stippling the way I normally would, which helps it blend a LOT, and you can see where the stippling hits up against the edges of the page size limit.

Half-finished stippling, no wall fill
 Lastly this is the not-quite-finished stippling with the walls not shaded in.

I'm thinking I like the stippling with maybe the cavern reduced to make sure all the stippling makes the page. I like the walls colored in, but I think leaving them out will make the overall look a lot better. The shading lines on the walls get lost a bit in the walls if I use a shaded fill.

What I'm thinking is to use that multi-colored (almost urban camo) pattern to fill in for the black of the stippling dots and then finish my normal processing, which blends the three stipple layers and makes them more irregular.

I actually had a second map for comparison as well, but figured it best to just use on example thrown out different ways. The maps are far from finished and just the base files pretty much at this point.

Any thoughts?


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