New RPG Terrain Kickstarter You Should Check Out (Fat Dragon Games)

New RPG Terrain Kickstarter You Should Check Out (Fat Dragon Games)
I'm not usually the type to endorse a Kickstarter here on the Frugal GM blog, but every once in a while something just "clicks" with me and I have to share.

I've been fortunate enough to meet Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games years ago when I was working with another game company running/organizing their convention games. Tom had agreed to a joint venture where he'd provide some (possibly custom) terrain pieces that we could use at the cons and give our members a special discount and after the con we'd write up the adventure for sale prominently featuring that terrain.

I remember at the time he also offered to give me whatever I wanted in product on the spot, but I had already planned on buying everything he had at the time....it felt wrong in the moment to take advantage....especially since I'd already committed to buying these sets at what was a great convention special price.

That collaboration didn't occur, but that was more on our end and the issues created with the change-over from one edition to the other. Fast forward a couple years and I got to meet up with Tom again at this year's GenCon, which we attended for one day to see what ended up being the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series fiasco.

The day was a bit of a mess that I won't get into detail here (but you can read a bit in the above link), but I did find out that there were a few publishers that decided to step-up and throw a bone to the folks getting screwed over by this one unscrupulous Kickstarter. Tom/Fat Dragon was one of these guys and he offered several, IIRC four, free Fat Dragon Games downloads to the backers. That was pretty damned generous in my book.

Dragonlock from Fat Dragon Games
Now couple this with the facts that he has come through 110% on his previous Kickstarter, as-in I got more than I was expecting, and that this new Kickstarter can be a great deal.....I'm sold.

I don't have problems spending money on quality.....the Frugal GM isn't about being cheap, but about spending what money you do have wisely. I don't have a 3D printer...yet, but I'm assuming I will have one someday. The way I look at it $40 plus the cost of materials is a very effective use for my money. If you end up making any decent amount of terrain, this add-on cost for the files being offered in the Kickstarter approach $0. To me it is a no-brainer...as long as you have, or intend to get, a 3D printer.
Shut up and take my money!
The base goal for the Kickstarter is already funded and now it is up to the stretch goals. If Tom's previous work (Kickstarters) are any indication on how this one will go, and why wouldn't it(?), this project will come out better than anticipated and earlier than expected.

You'll be getting my $40 for sure! Click here (or pretty much on any picture) to check out the Kickstarter.


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