Working on Some More d30 Tables for Eventual Release

Working on Some More d30 Tables for Eventual Release
Over the last few months I have been trying to put out a new/free d30 table on a monthly basis.

This month's table was a combined Human Height & Weight chart, available in two flavors (English & Metric) on DriveThruRPG.

I had finished the tables a little late in the afternoon and barely got out an announcement post before rushing off to work. Because of the rush I didn't get to elaborate on the next few tables I'm working on.

While I started with Humans, I plan on doing a whole slew of races, at least all the ones usable in my home-game. I'll probably toss in a few others if I get the inclination. When I created the 1st set of tables I had the foresight enough to create a template of sorts that make it far easier to produce the subsequent tables. The Elven tables, for instance, took less than 1/4 of the time the Human table took.

These tables are being uploaded to Patreon for my Patrons immediate use, but they won't be publicly available on DriveThruRPG until the previous tables get bumped off the "Newest Free Titles" section of the homepage. This means that the release time-table for these additional tables is flexible and it might take more than a month (or two) for them to be posted for download.

My plans for October, as far as Patreon goes, is to make these table releases in addition to my normal release schedule, charging for the 1st 7 items (I try to do 4-7 creations a month) and only the 1st set of tables (the Human's) "counts" as far as my d30 table release schedule.

This means that I need to figure something out for the month of November. I have a few ideas, but it seems that usually when I come up with something I'm finding it has already been done. I don't mind treading the same ground as others sometimes, I specifically try to avoid anything already done by New Big Dragon.

If you have some ideas you'd like "done up" for d30 tables, please drop me a line and I'll try to work it up. I can always use ideas.....


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