Frugal GM Review: Combat Accelerator

Frugal GM Review: Combat Accelerator
As Christmas is just around the corner and free time gives way to prepping for the holiday, gaming often takes a backseat....at least for me.

This week's Frugal GM Review is going to be as short, which is in-line for the item being reviewed. In this case it is Combat Accelerator from 10 Spot Games.

This 3 page (including the cover) PDF is nothing more than an idea being put forth to speed up combat. Since my favorite RPG is HackMaster, speeding up combat feels like a cardinal sin, but I can totally see where the ideas put forth in Combat Accelerator could be useful. I actually picked up this free supplement with the thought of tweaking it for use with a play-by-post game where the emphasis is more on roleplay than intense combat.

If you need some help speeding up combat in your game, I think this is worth checking out. You can't put a price on a good idea, and the un-credited writer didn't.....


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