Free GM Resource: Coin Creator from Inkwell Ideas

Free GM Resource: Coin Creator from Inkwell Ideas
One thing I've really been wanting in my home game were some "coins" for the players to use. While I like the idea of making actual coins for the players to handle, that just seems like a lot of work without that big of a payoff.

The reason that I was even considering it was the fact that my campaign is set in what was a familiar setting, albeit one that was set quite a bit in the future from when the players became familiar with it. With the physical coins I could introduce the idea that not all coinage was the same and I could slip in old coins from the bygone era that had different values than the standard coins currently in use.

Nothing like finding out that old silver piece is worth a couple gold or that the mound of coinage just uncovered only holds scrap value.....

Since I'm not planning (anymore) to make physical coins, much less purchase them (way too expensive) I might just go with a small prop to show the players the different coins and just let them record how many of which coins they have. I'll probably use Photoshop so I can get the exact details I want, but this freebie from Inkwell Ideas can do quite a bit.

Coin Creator - Free! is a simple two page PDF that shows 6 coins. You can turn layers on and off to change the coin size, shape, and distinguishing characteristics. It has quite a few options, but if that isn't enough they have an "Expanded" Edition that contains even more options. The Coin Creator -Expanded is on sale for $1.99 right now.

This would be a good way to introduce some small props to your game......


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