Free GM Resource: Tenkar's Tavern Membership

Free GM Resource: Tenkar's Tavern Membership
I feel a bit guilty and/or lazy for posting this week's Free GM Resource because it is rather low-hanging fruit. Still....if this is new information by one of my twelve readers, then it would have been worth it.

Tenkar's Tavern is basically having a membership drive. Erik Tenkar has enough of an audience that he has decided to actually make membership cards and use his influence to nab some good deals for members.

What kind of good deals?

Even though this whole affair is less than a week old we've seen free product available at cons, a significant discount on some other product, and even $5 off of a convention weekend badge. Figuring that Tenkar's Tavern Membership is free, I'd consider this a pretty significant resource.

We also have our own invite-only G+ community and really this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of what looks like a promising endeavor. Click on the lead-in graphic to find Erik's instructions for joining, or use this link.


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