North Texas RPG Con Report: Day 2

North Texas RPG Con Report: Day 2
For the overwhelming majority of the conventions I've gone to, it was generally to "work", so getting in any gaming was a bit on the rare side. So far I've managed two games....two!

I've signed up for evening games, not realizing that the evening games are six hours long. Oh well, not like I'm able to go to sleep before 2 or 3 AM anyway.

Yesterday was day 2 of North Texas RPG Con and I spent most of the day at the dealer table, watching over another dealer's stuff. This room is barely off of the beaten path, so visitors are rather sparse. Since most of the RPG "work" I do is given away for free, not selling printouts of said "work" isn't something to lament. I'm getting to watch folks have fun playing in Stephen Marsh's game.

Since the room was relatively quiet, after the morning game finished Vince & Erik did a quick, live podcast from the room. After seeing Vince's setup I'm thinking I wouldn't mind coming up with a side-cast of this blog/site. I think it would be cool addition to this site, but realistically adding another "thing" to my to-do list might be a bit much. The discussion before, during, and after the podcast is where I got the info on the Mazes & Perils sale.

My evening game, conveniently in the same room my table is in (there were a couple dealer no-shows so my 1/2 table was a whole table.....with mostly empty space) was a B/X game run by Richard LeBlanc Jr. I'm pretty sure my first "by the rules" D&D game was B/X, so there was a bit of nostalgia going on....and a bit of drinking. I got to play Dwarf that managed to make it to the second combat encounter before expiring. I got wounded in the 1st encounter and didn't seeking healing, so that was on me. On the plus side though, that healing potion or spell that would have been used on me instead was used on the only guy to survive the dungeon. Even though I died halfway through the night's game I had to sit and watch the entertaining adventure.

Before the game started Richard gifted me a professionally printed copy of his Creature Compendium because he had heard or read "I had to print my own copy". I gave him that reduced-size copy, which evidently impressed the Mrs. I can always print up another mini book...but probably won't because the pro version is pretty fricken sweet.

All in all, not a bad 2nd day of a con.


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