Free GM Resource: Basic & Expert Dungeon Master Tools

Free GM Resource: Basic & Expert Dungeon Master Tools
This week's Free GM Resource is a bit of random generation love for the Basic & Expert D&D rules from the aptly named Basic & Expert Dungeon Master Tools website.

There are a few tools available here:
* Dungeon Turn Tracker
* Die Roller
* PC Generator
* Wandering Monster Encounter Generator
* Dungeon Stocker

The results are about as random as random gets, so you probably will need to make some tweaks on the fly. For example, the 1st room in a 1st level dungeon I generated had a single Dwarf in it and something like 16,000 gold pieces as treasure.

The website has been around since a year ago last July and I for one liked looking at the change log to see what has been teased out of the site since it went live. All these tools were coded by Tony Bravo, but since I don't see an email or G+ link, I'm not certain who Tony is so I could offer a link for folks to extend their thanks.

Undoubtedly one of my 12 regular readers knows and can point us in the right direction.


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