October's d30 Table is Up: FGM037l d30 Natural Potions & Poisons Generator

October's d30 Table is Up: FGM037l d30 Natural Potions & Poisons Generator
Since today is the 1st of the month I'm going to slip this week's Frugal GM Review until tomorrow and instead post up this month's Free/PWYW d30 table.

FGM037l is a d30 Natural Potions and Poisons Generator. I was looking at a modern version of some ancient book on medicinal plants and noted just how many of these "helpful" plants also did double-duty as deadly poisons. Sometimes it was just a matter of dosage, but often the poisons were just variant usages for different parts of the plant.

When reading this "updated" version of this one book I also noted that a lot of these plants weren't necessarily identified. Some entries had some "best guesses" as to what the currently-available plant was, and some plants had multiple beneficial uses. The sourcebook, in many ways, was a bit of a mess, which works out well for the purposes here.

FGM037l d30 Natural Potions & Poisons Generator
This d30 Natural Potions and Poisons Generator generates the Greek-Sounding name of the mystery plant, what it treats, the method of application and required plant parts. On the flip side are tables for poison type, plant parts used (and how), along with mortality (how quickly the poison kills) and just how the victim will perish.

While all the poisons are fatal, the GM is encouraged to tweak things, like a Save vs. Death or maybe just painful debilitation.......

Click on either graphic to go to the DTRPG page, or use the links above.

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