Free GM Resource: Free 3d Printer Files from Rocket Pig Games

Free GM Resource: Free 3d Printer Files from Rocket Pig Games
OK folks, this week's Free GM Resource is a bit convoluted and not appropriate for everyone (when has a resource ever been for everyone?), but bear with me and hopefully it'll all work out.

Rocket Pig Games is nearing the end of their Kickstarter campaign for their Tilescape Dungeons, which is even more 3D printer terrain. If you've been considering getting a 3D printer you might want to check out the Kickstarter, which ends on November 29th.

There is the almost-requisite Kickstarter campaign video that lets you look at some of the finished prints, but I really don't think that video really shows them in that great of a light. My assumption is that they needed to show "finished" product as it would look out of your 3D printer....not actually "finished" models all painted up. Good thing that Rocket Pig Games gave a set over to a previous Free GM Resource of Drunkens & Dragons:

So at this point you might be wondering, "Where is the GM Freebie?!"

If you head over to Rocket Pig Games's publisher page on DriveThruRPG you'll see a bunch of 3d printer models for sale, and over 20 free models. Basically Rocket Pig Games is pushing out one free model a day for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign.

With only a week to go, you might want to check out the free models and see if the Kickstarter is for you.


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