Free GM Resource: Lester Smith's D6 x D6

Free GM Resource: Lester Smith's D6 x D6
It's always a fun week when I can post a "new" RPG as the week's Free GM Resource. D6xD6 is a role-playing game from Lester Smith....yes, that Lester Smith.

From the D6xD6 website: "The D6xD6 RPG is a quick-and-easy system for running role-playing games. This Web site consists of a draft of the core rules, five example settings, and an introduction to twenty-one other settings published in the expanded book, as well as news, comments, and a few other support materials."

Looks like there is enough to get your feet wet and, assuming you like what you play, then you can go on and pick up the "real deal" from one of three online vendors. Sounds like a good deal to me.


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