Free Map071: Another HUGE Cave

Free Map071: Another HUGE Cave
It's been a while since I've put out a free map....

This map is the 1st level of what I intend to be a rather large 3 level cavern map for an adventure I'm writing up. I haven't decided on just how fleshed-out I want the adventure to be because the maps are quite fricken large and it might be better to put together some tables to make it into more of a random dungeon crawl that uses a specific map.

There are a few ideas percolating at the moment.

The original map this free map is based off of is rather large at 90" by 30". I wanted it to be even larger, but this thing took me a good 10 hours or so as it was....

Another HUGE Cave on Patreon
My patrons get the PDF map at A1 size and a bunch of PNGs so they could print it out to create the huge physical map (or tweak it for a VTT).

As usual, click on either graphic in this post to go to the free map, or use this link.


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