Free GM Resource: Faerun Map

Free GM Resource: Faerun Map
This week's Free GM Resource might be a bit limited in usefulness, but as the Frugal GM is sick, he's also a bit limited in usefulness.

Actually I love this idea and really want to see what it would take to replicate this with another fantasy map. Real-world maps have several options out there, but I couldn't find anything with a quick search.....I have stated I'm currently a bit limited....

Anyway, Faerun Map is a cool interactive map of Faerun, which is really the main setting for most of 2nd Edition AD&D. It is cool to be able to zoom in on an area and get some information about the locale. What I really liked, and maybe this is just my ├╝ber-dorkiness rearing it's ugly head, is the citations each entry has. Too cool.

If anybody knows how to be able to make these maps for my own gaming campaigns, please share the details. Until then I'll just drool of this Faerun Map.

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  1. Yep...I know how to make these. Check out my page here...
    It's doesn't have as many entries as Loremaps...but the entries are WAY cooler when you zoom in.