Free GM Resource: Revisiting Printable Heroes

Free GM Resource: Revisiting Printable Heroes
This isn't a new Free GM resource, but a revisit of something posted over two years ago. In that earlier post I was promoting Printable Heroes Tumblr account.

Now with over two years of posts on Patreon, GMs and players that want free paper minis should really just bypass the Tumblr and just go straight to the Printable Heroes Patreon page.

Now I am a Patron and Printable Heroes is a feature of the "+12 Links of Helpfulness" page, but with the advantage of being able to go back a couple years, you really should check out the Patreon.

I'm currently a $3 a month Patron, but I'm about to move up to $4 a month so I can get cut files for a cutting machine I don't own yet (maybe a Christmas present?). I highly recommend this particular Patreon campaign and the reason for me revisiting this Free GM Resource was prompted by a recent question posed on Tumblr:

Q: "By pledging for a Tier 3, would that give me access to older stuff ?"

A:"Yup, by pledging for Tier 3 you’ll get access to all of the older stuff and all future work that will be accessible through areas of my Patreon page that will become visible at the tier you sign up for."

To me this is an awesome reason to sign up......


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