Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope everyone had a safe and sound holiday, preferably with some gaming!

While I am a big HackMaster & OSR fan my next game will probably be D&D 5th edition because a friend's teenage daughter wants to play and her parents are not only encouraging it, but willing to make it a family game.

I had some less-than-stellar D&D experiences with 3.5, but I'm more than willing to give DMing 5th edition for my buddy's daughter. I so remember wanting to play in middle & high school and for the most part I just couldn't. I don't think there was a game store within 100 miles, not that I had much transportation until my Junior year anyway. I'm so going to run a game or fifty for them...

I've picked up the PHB, DMG, Monster Manual, and the DM Screen so far (and enough dice that each player gets a set.....they aren't using my Gamescience dice!) I'm still in the reading/learning phase, but I'll get there.

Since I figured we start with a character creation session I've been looking for DM aides and came across this on reddit and thought I should share:
D&D 5e Character Selection Guide
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