Free GM Resource: Character Generator

Free GM Resource: Character Generator
This week's Free GM Resource is a limited-feature character portrait generator appropriately called "The Character Creator". I have to say "feature limited" because there aren't nearly as many option say as.....other options I'm having trouble locating right at this moment.

I poked around a bit and had some issues getting things to work right, like selecting a nose, but whenever this online resource seemed like it was glitching a quick page refresh not only loaded the page, but went ahead and reloaded the most recently selected options as well. My poor no-nose demo dude was good-to-go after a refresh.

Quick Eyeless Demo-Dude
Look MA! No Eyes!
Since there aren't so many fantasy options for clothes and whatnot I doubt I'll get as much use out of this as I'd like, but The Character Creator can be a good source for simple portraits, or at least for the beginning of said portraits. My demo guy saved with a simple click and opened in Adobe Illustrator almost fine....his eyes were gone. I can fix that.....I didn't, but I could.

Now you might wonder why I'd bother with an arguably incomplete portrait generator that seems a bit buggy in the 1st place. For me the BIG reason for using this particular online program is the fact that you can easily have a bunch of emotional expression swaps pretty much on the fly. Demo dude not looking quite the way you want.....then make him Angry, or Sad. Rage that guy up some and see how he switches his look up.

It's far from perfect, but The Character Creator has at least one cool feature that is really worth checking out.


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