Freebie HackMaster/OSR Mini Adventure

Freebie HackMaster/OSR Mini Adventure
When I get an opportunity to share some gaming goodness from friends of mine, or former acquaintances....hell, people I know even....I'm going to take it.

The other day I found out one of my old HackMaster buddies revamped one of his old blogs/websites that he had been using to host a toolkit/game aid for HackMaster (4th Edition). Recently he put up a short level 1 adventure for HackMaster that is easily convertible for 1st Edition or OSR.

How easy? Take off 20 hitpoints off the top of every monster and while you're at it ignore the ToP stat......should pretty much do it.

The Goblins is a short, 7 page adventure that pits the PCs against a group of Goblins with a mission....(as in the Goblins have a mission......). This adventure shows as having been available since 2019, but Steve just told me about it (albeit not directly) last week, and his site HMTK.com has a few other entries/goodies to read, so.........twofer?


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