Frugal GM Tip: Clear Con-Tact Paper

Clear Con-Tact Paper
One of the tips sent to me during the Alea Tools Markers contest is one I'd used in the past and somewhat forgotten about.

Clear contact paper is a great, cheap alternative to using lamination film. I used to use this all the time, up until I was able to procure a huge roll of lamination film for cheap from a teacher's supply store.

The paper is slightly opaque, which doesn't matter too much when used as lamination, but the material also has a bit of super-fine texture which has a bit of "bite" when using certain markers.

Clear contact (actually Con-Tact is the brand name) has a bit of thickness to it which is also very useful.  When working with paper miniatures printed at home I've found that a lot of times the minis aren't thick enough to get a good grip in the miniature bases, or at least the cheap plastic ones.  With thicker cardstock I've been able to get by with just using clear packing tape, but a lot of home printers don't do so well with the thicker cardstock.  If you can manage a thinner cardstock or even just regular paper, this clear contact paper, applied front & back, can give enough extra body to the mini to get it to fit.

I'll probably go into possible mini bases at a later date.....

While you are at it, you should check out some of the other contact papers available.  Some of the other colorations lend themselves to interesting applications.  Need a quick and cheap marble wall?  use the marble colored contact paper on a wall made out of cardstock.


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