Free GM Resource: Player Locators

Free GM Resource: Player Locators
As a GM you can spend all of your free time putting together the best system/campaign/adventure you want, but if you don't have anybody to run it for it is all for naught.

This week'd Free GM Resource is a pair of websites dedicated to helping gamers connect.

The first is RPG Game Find, which is a simple listing of gamers looking to play.  You put in your region, a zip code and a proximity search and (hopefully) you get a listing.  A thirty-mile search around my zip code got me 6 listings within the last 4 months looking for gamers for all flavors of D&D, Pathfinder, and even HackMaster.

The second link is NearbyGamers, which works a bit backwards from RPG Game Find.  Instead of putting in your location, you put in your game and custom Google map shows up with all the gamers who have that game listed as one they play or are looking to play.  You then have to zero in on your desired geographical location to find folks.

Both sites allow you to send initial contacts to prospective players and allow you to put a little more information in (when you register) that make it easier to hang out your gaming shingle.

If you need to fill a seat or are looking to fill one yourself you might want to check these sites out.


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