Free GM Resource: Softrope

Free GM Resource: Softrope
Thanks to a tip from GaryCon I found out about Softrope.

This Free GM Resource is an "an audio application for Dungeon Masters, a kind of RPG sound mixer."

For a while now I've been looking for a program to help me run sound effects for my home RPG.  I've found a few here or there that were decent enough, but I figured I'd probably just have to buy a program that let me roll my own soundboard.

Now I might still do that in order to run it on a mini-usb monitor, but not before giving Softrope a good shake-down.  Softrope is essentially your own sound mixer.  In addition to simple sound effects you can add effects together, looping and mixing to your hearts content.  You can save the mixed file and create your own icon for it.

Right now I have a bunch of individual sound files and a bunch of music.  With Softrope I can combine the two to make some great sound effects.  Those brief individual sounds I've been collecting will have a lot more use now since I can combine them into a larger file.

I for one cannot wait to check out Softrope in-game.  I've already downloaded it and have started playing around just a bit.  There is a lot of potential here for the enterprising GM.  If you end up using it, you might want to toss the developer a couple bucks donation to help fund the program.


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