New (Free) Frugal GM Product at Drive Thru RPG

New (Free) Frugal GM Product at Drive Thru RPG
I'm happy to announce a couple of new free products from the Frugal GM available through Drive Thru RPG.  Both products are essentially the same, being Thank You Cards for the most important person running a Role Playing Game: your GM/DM.

          FGM010G Game Master Thank You Card
          FGM010D Dungeon Master Thank You Card

I'm in the process of sending off Thank You Cards to the GMs who ran for me at GaryCon.  Usually I'm sitting on the other side of the table and it does often seem to be a thankless job.

I've found, in my own case at least, that a little bit of gratitude goes a long way.  Visit Drive Thru RPG and get your own Thank You Cards today.

*If you GMed for me at GaryCon I guess this post is blowing the surprise.....surprise!


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