Free GM Resource: DCC Adventures on Facebook

Free GM Resource: DCC Adventures on Facebook
Recently Dungeon Crawl Classics, from Goodman Games, had a Facebook contest where if they got 1,500 "Likes" they would offer up two free adventures.

The first adventure is actually the 2012 Free RPG Day adventure booklet and contains two shorter adventures:

  •  The Undulating Corruption, a level 5 expedition to cure a wizard of corruption
  • The Jeweler that Dealt in Stardust, a level 3 heist where clever thieves can excel.
The second adventure is #66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings, which was a level 1 adventure that was briefly given away for free with a DCC purchase or was available independently for $10.  It is a 14 page adventure with three pages of pretty cool maps.  Even though it is a level one adventure, you might find it suitable for smaller parties of higher level PCs.

I won't provide a direct download link, but you can get it from the Dungeon Crawl Classics Facebook Page (look for an April 8th, 2013 post).  You should send them another "Like" before downloading.


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