Frugal GM Review: Damager from Chaotic Shiny Productions

Frugal GM Review: Damager from Chaotic Shiny Productions
Damager is a rather limited program from Chaotic Shiny Productions.  In addition to a simple built-in die roller, which is really an add-on more than anything, there is a cool "effect" generator which takes a given amount of damage and adds a sentence of flavor text.

Instead of "You hit your target for 12 damage" or "The monster strikes at you for 12 damage" you can select a damage type (slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing for weapons as well as fire/heat, ice/cold, lightning/electricity, poison, acid, light/radiant, shadow/necrotic, sonic/force/untyped for powers).

Quick examples:

  • He gashes your leg with expert accuracy and a vicious blow. (12 damage)
  • You hew through his hand with expert accuracy and a complex manouver. (12 damage)
  • You blast his stomach with crackling bolts and an electric blast. (12 damage)
Frugal GM 3 Star Review: DamagerThe program is just interesting enough that I'd want to use it, but also just clunky enough that I wouldn't use it.  If it was possible to input a single die expression, or even better one or more macro buttons and have that result spit out with the flavor text it would be much more useful.

Being able to line-up a few different die expression & damage types to macro buttons would make this quite useful when dealing with different combatants. It's a good idea, but as-is it is more an idea than a useful tool. 


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