Free GM Resource: Moleskin Maps & Lapsus Calumni

Free GM Resource: Moleskin Maps
This week's Free GM Resource comes from Matt Jackson's blog: Lapsus Clumni.  Matt makes some awesome maps available through Chubby Monster Games.

You can get some of Matt's Moleskin Maps online at Drive Thru RPG, and you can get a sample of his work on his blog.

If a couple maps weren't enough, Matt has (at the time of this posting) eleven Zines available for reading and download.  The Zine is called Lapsus Calumni, which is where the name of the blog comes from (or is it the other way around?)

The first couple of Zines are only a few pages, but they do get longer.  Even if they were all only three pages long, they would still be a good read.  I think they are worth checking out, which is why I'm helping spread the word on this wonderful Free GM Resource.

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