Free GM Resource: & Magazine

Free GM Resource: & Magazine
This week's Free GM Resource is a great little magazine dedicated to "filling the gaps" for old school gamers.

& Magazine is a little gem that had completely flown under my radar until recently, which is good only for the simple fact that there is a lot of catch-up for me to do now. They are up to issue #5 and there are also a couple of supplements and adventures as well.

Really not bad at all figuring this magazine started a year ago.

I'll freely admit I'm still only on my first issue, but that is because I just got this and because I'm actually wanting to read through the issues instead of skimming them. Aside from some production values (ie, not a lot of art), this magazine reminds me of the early Dragon magazines. There were two titles/subtitles that really drew me in on my initial skim which is why I'm now actually reading the magazine:
          85 Points for the Mathematically Challenged
          You Can't Fix Stupid

When I saw these two titles/subtitles I knew I was going to enjoy reading this and I haven't been disappointed yet. I've already found several things I'd like to use in my game and I think a GM would be hard-pressed to walk away from an issue empty-handed.

You should check out & Magazine today.


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