Free GM Resource: Blogger

Free GM Resource: Blogger
This week's Free GM Resource is pretty much a "gimme" that I cannot believe I've overlooked, even though I've been using it for years: Blogger.

Lately I've been a player in our home group, but I have picked up the reigns and started GMing on a regular basis. Since my campaign is the "side" campaign for the group I've been having some fun with it and breaking from our normal stance of playing "rules as written".

The game is on a different world and I've tweaked a lot of things setting-wise. For the most part we do still play RAW, but there are a few home rules tossed out there and some "secret" tweaks I've made to both facilitate game play and to help with some of the role-play aspects as well.

When I started out I just put everything up on an online forum that most of the players have been using. There are advantages and disadvantages to doing this, with the major disadvantages being that it is an open thread that any viewer can post to, anything I type on that site becomes someone else's IP, and it becomes unwieldy over time to access the information. Now I could simply build a website for the campaign and host it on my server, but I really don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining that site.

The realization that I could easily use a free Blogger site to accomplish all my goals hit me hard. How could I have been so oblivious? I can use Blogger to organize my campaign information, allow players to post in-character journals (should they want to), and share the content publicly for those that want to follow along....all from the comfort of any web-browser.

I'll be putting together the new campaign blog later this week and I'll have to post a link here as an example.

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2013.07.10 Edit
While I still have a couple journal entries to do, and a lot of hotlinks, the bulk of the new campaign blog is finished. This blog is a lot more convenient for my players to access and I'm in the process of setting things up to make it easy for me to use at the game table. It really helps me to be able to find my NPCs or to look up some earlier events.


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