Free GM Resource: Digital Tokens from Devin Night

Free GM Resource: Digital Tokens from Devin Night
This week's Free GM Resource is a HUGE batch of free digital tokens from Devin Night. Devin has been around the digital table top scene for years now and I've bought a fair amount of tokens from him over the years. Of course a lot of those tokens are now FREE, but I thought they were a good deal at the time.....so I think they are an even better deal now.

I'm not sure why so many of his token packs are now free, but if you want some PCs, NPCs, and monsters for your digital table top, then you need to pick up these free tokens. You'll probably want to go and pick up some/all of his paid token packs as well. Like any artist, his work has just gotten better over the years and the token packs from his Kickstarter campaign are looking pretty good.....

Custom Devin Night Tokens Ordered by the Frugal GM
Custom tokens now priced at $7.50 each....well worth it.
I'm guessing that the older tokens are now free just because his work has improved so much over the
years. Earlier tokens were pretty low-res and the newer ones are much larger. As I said I've bought a few tokens from Devin over the years, but I have also purchased some of his custom tokens as well. Three Four (I had forgotten about the Gnome-Titan "Monk" I had made) of these tokens are actually part of his free download, so if you don't like these three figures I guess I'm to blame......

These figures are full-sized as I received them, but in-use they are all the same size. The newer larger sized tokens are much better to work with, in my opinion.


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