Quick Craft Tip: Liquitex Flow Aid

Quick Craft Tip: Liquitex Flow Aid
Next time you are at the Art Supply Store.....you DO know where your closest art supply store is.....right? Next time make sure to pick up a small bottle of Flow Aid. You might want to get a nice squeeze/dropper bottle while you are at it.

This stuff is awesome and will pay for itself big time!

Mark off your bottle into appropriate measures (10 x 1 oz markings work for me) and dilute some Flow Aid to at least 1:10 with water.

Liquitex Flow Aid Rocks!
This is the stuff!
Use this diluted Flow Aid to make your paint flow nice and smooth. If you combine it with some cheap latex primer from the hardware store you can get a great miniature primer at a fraction of the cost. My rough mental math puts a finished quart of good brush-on mini primer at under $10 and you'll have barely touched the Flow Aid. I have no idea what I would do with a quart of mini-primer, but if I made a smaller batch then I could use the rest of the primer (thinned down as appropriate) for my other hobby projects.

I would recommend using some of the rest of the diluted Flow Aid for your mini paints.


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